Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles)


Curaçao, the island under the sun and surrounded by crystal clear blue sea. With its picturesque capital of Willemstad, it is unique for those who appreciate history, nature, art and life. Curaçao is located in the Caribbean sea at 35 miles North of Venezuela and is approximately 180 square miles (472 square km’s), 38 miles long (62 km’s) and 7.2 miles (14 km’s) at its broadest point. It’s warm weather year round is a pleasant aspect for all. The average temperature is 82F / 27C. Only in the rainseason of November and December rainfall may reach 21" / 53.3cm. Luckily Curaçao is located outside of the hurricane belt. Because of this most sail yachts seek protection here during the hurricane season. Curaçao has a population of approximately 145,000 joyous people living together. The currency used on Curaçao is the Netherlands Antilles Florin. The exchange rate with the US Dollar fluctuates lightly around FL1.79 for each $1.

Willemstad is structured as a double-city along the St.Anna Bay (the harbor) with on the east side Punda (Point) and on the west side Otrobanda (other side). The oldest connection between the two sides is the Emma bridge, named to Queen Emma of Holland. The Emma bridge is a unique example of a pontoon bridge and dates from 1887. It has been build by an American engineer, Leonard B. Smith. The Caribbean waves at the entrance of the harbor gives the bridge a rhythmic movement, therefore its nickname is "swinging lady". In the front Fort Amsterdam with the palace of the Governor of the Netherlands Antilles.

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