Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles)

5 Easy Photo Tips

  1. Fill the camera's frame with your subject
  2. When photographing fish, shoot from the same level as they are or 20 percent lower
  3. Use film with the lowest speed possible for the amount of light:natural light only - 400 asa film; with bright flash close-ups:50 asa film; from 1m(3ft): 200 asa film
  4. Hold you flash away from the camera to eliminate particle reflection
  5. Use a strong and high F stop to get your greatest depth of field

Coral Reef Eco Tips

Snorkelers and divers

  • Follow the sandy areas when swimming across the shallow part of the reef. It is easy to accidentally crush corals and disturb other animals
  • Don't touch corals or hang off, rest on, or kick them. coral are living animals and are damaged even by gentle handling
  • Avoid kicking up the sand. it spoils the visibility for others and damages corals and other reef animals when it settles
  • Don't spearfish. It is prohibited
  • Leave all coral and reef animals where they are. Corals are the "building bricks" of the reef
  • Divers make sure you are properly weighted and watch your bouyance. If you haven't dived in over a year, take a quick refresher to polish up your skills.
  • Be careful in underwater caves and caverns. Avoid crowding and don't spend too long there - bubbles collect on the roof and reef animal can "drown in air"
  • Feeding the fish is acceptable in selected areas but should be resisted elsewhere. It can upset the natural balance of the reef.
  • Respect local fisherman and their equiptment. They are working towards environmentally sound fishing, but changing changing age old customs takes time.
  • Don't eat turtle. Marine turtle are endangered
  • Don't litter. This will keep the place clean and you and others will enjoy of a cleaner place.

Boat Owners

  • Never anchor on corals. Tie up to a snooring buoy or jetty, or anchor carefully in sand or patchy patches.
  • Watch the reef! Grounding is bad for your boat and the reef.

Enjoy and thank you


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