Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles)

Temperature, Visibility and Current

The following is a short description of the condition you should general expect while diving or snorkeling on Curacao. Because the use of certain equipment will make your adventure more comfortable I added some notes about where to get additional information or services for snorkeling and diving
Water temperature are balmy between 24 and 27 degree Celsius (75 - 81 F). Visibility is excellent, averaging about 30 m(100ft). During rainy period plankton sometimes increases resulting in a lower, but still good visibility - about 18m(60ft). A mild current of 1-2 knots. Rough water or swell, often experienced at the southeaster end of Curacao when there are high winds, increase the surface current. As a precaution, always dive or snorkel into the current and keep a keen eye on your depth. Before you go to any cite to dive, you need to get good information on the site your are visiting, since the conditions of each site differs and also check the condition of the day before dive operations.

Equipment and Services

Curacao has been rated as one of the best Caribbean island for shore diving and snorkeling. Most dive sites are easily accessible because thee reefs are near the water's edge. Also, because of the arid climate, deep water close to shore and distance from major sediment sources such as rivers, the reefish lush. Snorkeling is always best away from sandy beach areas. Try around rocks, corals and cliff or reef edges. If you plan to dive or snorkel from shore, bring along booties and open heeled fins as many shore entries consists of coral rubble and rocks. Jet skis and power boats are common at some beaches so take along a dive flag for safety. A t-shirt and swimsuit are usually protection enough against equipment chafing and sunburn. You may want to bring a dive skin to protect yourself against coral cuts and occasional sea wasp. If you are going to be in the water several times a day a wetsuit is recommended. even tropical seas can feel chilly. Dive gloves are not needed. Most operations rent and sell equipment. Click here for more information on operators.
Curacao has a wide range of services available for the beginning to the advanced diver or snorkeler. You can arrange anything from complete packages with equipment to all levels of instructions. Boat dives and shore excursions are available and snorkelers are welcome on most outings.

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